The Modern Way to Plan Your Sales Resources

Placing the right sales resources, in the right sales territory, at the right time, can
be the difference between hitting or missing your top line growth and overall sales targets.

OpsPanda's collaborative platform empowers sales operations and executives to develop, administer and adapt their sales plan to meet growth challenges by providing a deep understanding of the drivers and variables that impact sales plans.


Set sales targets with a deep understanding of the key metrics that influence sales output and capacity


Input assumptions based on actual historical trends and data analysis, not on guesswork or myth


Plan for growth and success—consider and manage all of the variables that drive your business


Integrate your CRM data into your resource planning solution so you always know what your next step will be


Real time comparisons of actuals vs. plan allows for quick identification of variables to adjust


Adjust and replan sales resources based on ever changing variables and market conditions

The problem with spreadsheets


Error Prone

90% of spreadsheets contain errors. Whenever numbers are entered or changed they’re prone to error. These errors can be difficult to trace, which compounds the problem.

Not designed for collaboration

Consolidating or aggregating spreadsheets is both frustrating and time consuming.

Not scalable

Multiple variables across multiple sales assets quickly creates thousands of combinations—making consolidations, auditing and reporting difficult.

OpsPanda Financial Planning

The problem with traditional financial planning tools

Today’s financial planning tools are an important instrument for any enterprise, but they have limitations. These tools were designed for creating corporate financial plans that consider top line revenues, expenses and profits. By design, they are not equipped to specifically deal with any one particular operational area—and therefore fall short for specific planning needs like sales resource planning.

OpsPanda is built for sales by sales and planning experts and provides a far superior understanding of the most important factor in a company's success—top line revenue

Why OpsPanda?


Seamlessly integrates with Salesforce and other CRM systems



100% cloud based and adheres to leading industry standards


Embedded analytics and planning logic so you can be up and running in no time

Purpose Built

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