Rigorous sales resource planning made easy.

Hiring too late or poorly distributing quotas puts sales targets at risk. OpsPanda empowers companies to predict true sales capacity, build detailed hiring plans, and assign achievable quotas to stay on track and nail targets.

OpsPanda metrics chart showing sales and headcount versus targets grouped by territory.

Greater accuracy, greater confidence

Boost your plan's accuracy by replacing limited spreadsheets with a comprehensive tool that's tailored for sales resource planning.

Less wrangling, more insight

CRM integration, built-in automation, and exec-ready charts mean less time managing your data and more time acting on it.

Ongoing navigation, not one-time planning

Monitor the fundamental variables that affect your sales to stay on track and course correct sooner.

OpsPanda in 60 seconds.

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Whether you're closing deals or closing the books, OpsPanda provides visibility into operational plans and insight into what's driving sales.

Sales Leaders

Knowledge of exactly how you'll reach target, rep by rep.

Sales Ops

Powerful tools to deliver strategic insight, not just facts and figures.


Transparency into how front-line variables affect your financial plan.


Confidence that the bottom-up plan matches your top-line goal.

  • "As a high-growth startup devoted to exceeding expectations for our investors and our customers, Arimo needs the flexibility to adjust our sales hiring plan intra-quarter without having to devote significant analyst hours to re-building Excel spreadsheets. With OpsPanda, we can easily adjust our sales hiring plan as needed - based on our ongoing business results and the evolving market opportunity - and quickly make decisions based on the projected bookings impact on future quarters."

    - Robert L. Tri -

    VP Sales, Arimo

  • "We are trying to scale this business and have a major impact. For us, the ability to test scenarios around how to achieve our growth goals and what it'll take to make our program global was really critical. OpsPanda helped me easily factor in all the elements that drive sales. I was able to rule out adding an inside sales team and to find the right number of sellers."

    - Ann O'Neill -

    VP Sales, REV Sustainability

  • "I used to spend hours creating, updating, and debugging planning spreadsheets, then more time training executives how to actually use them. OpsPanda reduces input from days to fractions of an hour, freeing up valuable time to put out other Sales Ops fires. With actionable insights into our capacity planning, ramp time and hiring needs, the process of getting inputs from my execs went from pulling teeth to an enjoyable collaboration."

    - Michael Ingardia -

    Director Of Sales Operations, Bracket Computing

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