REV Case Study with OpsPanda Sales Resource Planning

Client: VP of Sales, Ann O’Neill
Company: REV Sustainability
Stage: Small with aggressive growth goals



Make critical decisions on how to scale the business.
As a mission-driven business, REV aims to have a big impact on the sustainability practices of many industries while operating a successful business model. REV was ready to take the company to the next level and make decisions on scaling the sales team. For all startups with aggressive goals and not a lot of historical data, making strategic and operational decisions about growth can feel like high stakes gambling. Their VP of Sales needed a strong sales plan for her to be confident about delivering the aggressive goals.


Use OpsPanda to consider important variables that affect seller capacity and create multiple growth scenarios.
OpsPanda can bring confidence to high-growth planning by making it quick and
easy to model in, adjust, and see the impact of, each component that increases
or decreases a sales team’s capacity like new hire ramp time, attrition, hiring,
market seasonality, and more. It now becomes feasible to build multiple plans
for different growth targets (or for the same target with different assumptions)
so your leadership team can make the tough decisions.


Effective decision-making. Approval of headcount. Executable plan of attack.
OpsPanda gave Ann: The answers she needed. “We are trying to scale this business and have a major impact. So for us, the ability to do scenarios around how to achieve our growth goals and what it is going to take to make our program a global program was really critical. The tool helped me easily factor in all the elements that drive sales and I was able to rule out adding an inside sales team and to find the right number of sellers.”

OpsPanda gave Ann: The influence she needed. “OpsPanda was great for my meetings with the CEO. Before OpsPanda, I didn’t have a good way of describing when I needed people by or what revenue they could do. The dashboards and charts let me show what assumptions I had made in the plan and also show him that the out years were successful as a result of the investment in the sales force.”

OpsPanda gave Ann: The action plan she needed. “A lot of people naturally think linearly. With OpsPanda I was able to show if we brought on new sellers they will have to get up to speed. They’re not all going to make a typical quota right away but look at what this group will do in the out years with time under their belt. This helped me determine what quotas to assign and when exactly I needed to hire by to make our annual numbers by staying on track quarterly and monthly.”

About REV
REV integrates the best of sustainability with behavior change to accelerate business impact. We provide a unique hybrid of education, expert resources, and individualized consulting that empower organizations to embed sustainability practices into their organization.

About Ann O’Neill
Ann O’Neill is Vice President of Sales and Business Development for REV. Ann previously served as VP of Sales and Client Services at MarketTools (acquired by SurveyMonkey). She led Business Development for Cambridge Technology Partners and was Global Sales Director for Microsoft with RR Donnelley & Sons. Ann has an MBA from UCLA Anderson and lives in San Diego.