Reconcile. Monitor. Repeat.

Real-life rarely goes as planned; stay on top of your sales headcount and performance to ensure goals and targets can be achieved.

A Centralized Sales Plan

Spend less time reconciling plan versus actuals and more time acting on it. Unify your actual performance data with your plan and measure the effectiveness of your sales strategy. Evaluate and monitor the productivity of new hires against your plan and assess the impact of actual attrition on sales capacity.

Easy CRM Integration

Consolidate your plan data with your actual performance data using an automated integration into your CRM. Easily map custom fields and schedule the frequency of data pulls. Export your plan data or use our seamless integration with Einstein AnalyticsTM.

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Dashboards with KPIs

Pinpoint plan deviations and determine their impact to bookings and sales capacity. Continuously monitor your performance and identify territories that are well planned and those that need adjusting. Verify that your assumptions on hiring, quota achievement and ramp are accurate and uncover how to improve your operational sales plan. 



Real-time Notifications

Email and in-app notifications keep you aware of changes to plans in real-time so you always have an up-to-the minute view of the status of your team and plan performance.


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