Sales Planning and Modeling

Streamline your sales resource and capacity planning process and gain a clear path to hit your sales targets. 



Target Alignment

When corporate targets don’t line up with your sales team’s capacity, you’re in trouble. Align corporate targets across territories, products, business segments, and rep types over multiple years. Support license and SaaS lines of business, model churn, renewals, and new business and services, and assess if targets are achievable based on these plan drivers.


Sales Resource Planning

Inaccurate assumptions about attrition, ramp, and time to hire can mean the difference between making or missing your number. Ensure you hire the right people at the right time using historical performance data. Set and customize hiring profiles across territories and roles so you can identify the resources you need. 

Sales Costing

Should I hire a senior rep or an entry-level sales rep? When should I hire a customer service rep to service accounts? Tying base and variable compensation costs to sales capacity can help you answer these questions. Determine expected payback on new hires, evaluate sales plan costs versus sales capacity, and assess contribution margin on ramped versus in-ramp reps.


Quota Planning

Setting fair, achievable quotas is key to motivating and retaining top sales talent. Develop agreeable quota plans with pre-configured quota profiles based on rep type, experience level, territory, and product allocation. Further refine quotas at the individual rep level based on performance. Evaluate quota achievement for your sales team and identify opportunities to improve productivity.

Plan Comparisons

Can you compare complex plan scenarios in seconds? Create and model multiple plans and compare them side-by-side to see the impact and outcome of different scenarios like changes to ramp, territory structure, or quota achievement. Instantly see the difference that even the slightest change to a plan can make to your planned bookings and capacity.


Activity Feeds

Keeping track of plan modifications and their impact is impossible in spreadsheets; OpsPanda Activity Feeds provide you with a detailed history log of changes. Easily identify what change was made and the impact that each adjustment has on bookings and capacity.

Plan Collaboration

Collaborate across roles and departments without worrying about confidential data being exposed, formulas being broken, and changes going untracked. Secure, role-based access ensures that only those who are meant to see and edit plans are allowed to.


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